Home is not just a place, but a wonderful feeling in your heart.

Though it has presented itself in various forms throughout my life, the subject of real estate has played a very important role for me for over 20 years now.


Even before studying architecture, I slid into the role of property manager at an early age, supervising the construction of our own home. My time spent at the construction site – dealing with various experts in sanitation, fixtures, flooring, furniture, etc. – as well as the experience I gained during the design, planning, and implementation phases all strengthened my knowledge of, and aptitude for, such a profession. My enthusiasm and joy in dealing with a piece of real estate – from conceptualization, to design, to construction, to furnishing – was awakened, and this passion drives me just as much now as it did then.


Whether overseeing the construction of my own home, or the houses and apartments of others; helping others coordinate moves out of their current homes, including all types of logistical challenges; dealing with the real estate market; or designing/configuring/reconfiguring 'new' living quarters for lived-in spaces – all such things have become an integral part of my life, and I find myself revisiting these “old friends” on a daily basis.


I know the deep connection one has with their property over the course of a change of ownership…from my own experience. This process is not only one which presents a large amount of change, but also emotion. For me, these are moments which can breathe life into design and conceptualization, allowing me to create value through my wealth of experience.


I look forward to discovering a passion for your property…through your eyes!

Simone Hiesinger-Varduhn

Certified according to quality standards put forth by the German Society for Home Staging and Redesign ("Deutsche Gesellschaft für Home Staging und Redesign e.V." or DGHR)
Certified according to quality standards put forth by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Upper Bavaria ("Industrie- und Handelskammer Oberbayern")
Degree in Architectural Engineering from the Technical University of Munich ("Technische Universität München")