3 Phases for Success

Phase A – Analysis, plan and decision

1. Analysis

We meet at your property for about 2 hours,

to get to know you better and …

... conduct a thorough walkthrough of the entire property, both inside and outside.

... analyze each room with a discerning eye.

... take photos of the property in its current state.

... identify architectural highlights and bottlenecks.

... rate the overall cleanliness and condition of each surface.

... identify existence of any odors.

... take note of existing lighting conditions and room functions.

... document the color, pattern and style of the light fixtures, furniture and other items, whether installed or free-standing.

2. Portfolio of recommendations  

Based on our initial analysis, we provide you with a detailed portfolio of recommendations, including ...

... goals and possible concepts for your property.

... concrete ideas for improvement, to be implemented either immediately or at a later date; this includes repairs which would make sense considering your situation

... a customized action plan, tailored to the ideal tenant, or buyer, and highlighting any needs and potential bottlenecks while staging the property.

... a concrete time and cost plan.

3. Decision

Building on our analysis and recommendations, we help you decide ...

... whether sale or rental of the property would make more sense, given your situation.

... which measures should be completed on your own and which are best left to a specialist.