How to successfully rent or sell your property in 3 steps

Step ONE

Take thorough inventory of your property

First, identify and prioritize each architectural highlight, or potential bottleneck, within your property. Second, create action, time and cost plans geared towards addressing each highlight/bottleneck prior to showing the property. Be sure to take account of:

... Cleanliness, organization and condition of each surface (e.g., walls or floors).

... Lighting conditions (e.g., unfavorable or insufficient lighting).

... Room functions (are they clearly assigned?).

... Color, pattern and style of installed elements (e.g., tiles, fittings and wall paint).

... Position and condition of furniture.

... Any required modernizations or aesthetic repairs (e.g., window handles or silicone joints).

Step TWO

Optimize your property for rental or sale

... Conduct research on suitable craftsmen (using the Internet or any recommendations from your network) and obtain quotes from various contractors; compare prices and services, place each order and coordinate dates of service.

 ... Monitor the quality and fulfillment of each job performed by a contractor; be available onsite to clarify any questions in real time.

 ... Discuss any necessary adjustments with service providers on site, to obtain optimal results and eliminate any defects or deficiencies as soon as possible.

 ... Clean out each room and remove any personal belongings; arrange all remaining furniture, fixtures, and other accessories in a way that best promotes the sale, or rental, of your property

 ... Clean everything thoroughly and create a harmonious feel-good atmosphere, utilizing, inviting smells, lighting, color and style elements.

Step Three

Make your property shine in the best possible light

... During the phase in which you show your property, try to occupy as few rooms as possible and keep personal items boxed away.

 ... Put away all personal belongings the day before any viewing.

 ... Be sure to set up furniture, decorations, cushions and accessories in a conscious manner, always geared towards successful sale or rental of the property.

 ... Well before your first showing, be sure to clean everything thoroughly, provide any pets with alternative accommodations (i.e. do not keep them onsite), and air out every room.

 ... Create a friendly, well-lit atmosphere and be sure the temperature is controlled and comfortable from room to room.

 ... Your property should evoke harmony and that warm feel-good effect.