3 Phases for Success

Phase B - Prepare the property for sale or rental

1. Organization and coordination

Based on our recommendations and your decisions, we then organize and oversee the...

... research and selection of suitable craftsmen and service providers.

... process of obtaining and comparing offers.

... execution, and quality, of contractually agreed services, including clarification of any questions which may arise on site.

... discussion of any necessary adjustments with contractors, optimizing results.

... correction of any material defects or damages caused by contractors.

2. Optimizing the property

We optimize your property for presentation. This includes...

 ... commissioning, coordinating and overseeing the clearing out and cleaning of each room.

 ... storing away your personal belongings prior to showing.

 ... repositioning existing furnishings and, if necessary, providing supplementary furniture and household accessories.

... creating a harmonious “feel-good” atmosphere utilizing scents, lighting, and color/style elements.

... extending improvements to the garden and outdoor area (if necessary).

3. Taking professional photos of your staged property

We arrange a professional photographer to document all changes to the property as well as any exterior makeovers. The real estate exposé and all online marketing platforms are then updated using these new photos. As a keepsake, we hand over all shots to you in digital form (including selected printouts) directly after the photo shoot.


You may continue living at your property the entire time.
No need to relocate!