3 Phases for Success

Phase C - Successful sale or rental

1. Individualized preparation checklist

After all major cosmetic changes have been implemented, we create a preparation checklist tailored to you, your property, and your goals. It will suggest, in detail, how to prepare your property, room by room, for successful viewing appointments. This includes, for example, tips on ...

... which of your personal belongings should be put away during visiting hours.

... how and where you can cleverly utilize various decorative accessories (e.g. cushions, plaids, vases or flowers, etc.), including photos of best practices.

... how to maintain a pleasant room temperature, keep rooms circulated and eliminate odors, and provide balanced lighting throughout the property.

2. Personal support

We will be there one hour before the first visit to help with final preparations. We walk through the property with you to see whether all points on the checklist have been addressed. Our hands-on approach and discerning eye ensure the finishing touches are in place, creating an atmosphere which is well-perceived by all the senses. This can be accomplished, for example, via ...

... an arrangement of fresh flowers, fruit or vegetables.

... refreshments offered during the tour (and corresponding to the time of day): in the     afternoon, coffee service; in the early evening, perhaps wine glasses and a wine bottle would better enhance the ambience.

... the inclusion of small surprises; e.g., during the Easter season, providing colorful chocolate eggs to snack on.

... details specific to your target group; e.g., for families with children, toys can be deliberately placed on the floor for use during the tour.